Terms of Service

The following Terms and Conditions govern the Service Next-Cart provides and usage of the content on and through the Website to which our Terms relate. This agreement serves in such severe violation of any term below that will result in the termination of your account at Next-Cart.

We encourage you to read through the defined terms herein to adapt to our working conditions.


1. General Terms

1.1. Acceptance of Terms

1.1.1. You must read and agree to all terms mentioned in this Terms of Service, Data Policy, Refund Policy and Privacy Policy before purchasing or using the Service.

1.1.2. The failure of Next-Cart to exercise or enforce any right or regulation of the Terms of Service shall not constitute a waiver of such right or regulation.

1.2. Modification of Terms

1.2.1. Next-Cart has the right to change or stop applying the terms in Terms of Service anytime.

1.2.2. In any case, we change the terms, we allow the old terms to last 30 days counted from the day you purchased the Service. After that time, you will agree with our new terms.

1.3. Copyright and Content Ownership

1.3.1. All comments and contents you feed on the site get displayed without filtering. We preserve to erase any inappropriate content to this service. Anything that violates universal terms and law will also get deleted.

1.3.2. Next-Cart owns the website’s interface, contents, and all the commercial Service sold on this web. We reserved the Copyright to control the permission to copy, distribute or make use of any of its portions. You are not allowed to perform any of those without an official documented permission from Next-Cart.


2. Terms of Use

2.1. User Obligations

2.1.1. You must not change, modify, hack or fake the Service. We also don’t allow any non-official website to link to Next-Cart or the Service.  

2.1.2. You agree not to produce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the Service. You are not allowed to use or access the Service without the official documented permission from Next-Cart.

2.1.3. You must not “spam” messages through or to the Service, or on the Website.

2.1.4. You must not spread malware or any destructive code (viruses, worms, botnets…) through the Service or the Website.

2.1.5. You must secure the information Next-Cart provides to use the Service. Any leaking to an untrustworthy third-party may lead to negative consequences. In case of your information gets involved in perilous situations, you must inform Next-Cart immediately to shield and solve. Next-Cart is not responsible for any related outcome

2.1.6. If you reckon any issue misleading the major function of the Service, you should acknowledge Next-Cart as soon as possible. If we receive no report about the Service, we are not in duty to solve the concerning result.

2.1.7. Next-Cart guarantees the most advanced safety standards. Therefore, you are obliged to follow the highest level of security and control of the third-party or hostile software on your part. Any kind of inobservance of the rules will result in our inability to provide with high-level service. for which Next-Cart shall not be held responsible.

2.2. Account Terms

2.2.1. You must provide a username, valid email, and required information to complete the registration as well as letting the support center save your profile for later aid.

2.2.2. You are obliged to protect your own account and password. Next-Cart is not capable of and responsible for any loss and damage due to your omission.

2.2.3. We reserve the right to terminate your account if we detect any “spam” or transmitting malicious codes.

2.2.4. Next-Cart can suspend and refuse to continue providing you the service for any reason at any time. Termination may include deletion or deactivation of your account. We also forfeit and relinquish all content in your account.

2.2.5. Providing Next-Cart credentials of your websites, you will agree to allow us to log in, view and modify settings needed to get it compatible with the Service. We are also eligible to send data to/from the websites with your sole permission. Next-Cart can only access your Account with your sole permission as we don’t know, keep or get full access to your login and password.

2.2.6. To settle any violation against this Account Terms, Next-Cart reserves the right to terminate your account.

2.3. Support Terms

2.3.1. Technical Support is available in ticket submission, email or live chat. Guaranteed response period is 24 hours. Actual response period may vary.

2.3.2. Any interruption to the migration will be taken cared of or solved within 24 hours since the first customer report. In particular, for problems of data supported by the original version of the E-commerce platforms, we will manage to settle within 24 hours; for glitches that are related to a third-party such as hosting provider, shopping cart vendors, extensions, etc, we will figure out solutions in one day and give our best to support you.

2.3.3. Complaints about the accuracy of migrated data can be accepted within 12 months (365 days) from the date you purchase the product. During this period, emergence, change, or destruction of data in the database can take place due to store usage. All these changes may distort the results of the migration. Therefore, Next-Cart must not be held responsible for any of the above mentioned issues.

2.3.4. You must provide a timely response to the requests made by the Technical Support Team. If no response is provided on your side, the issue in question shall be considered exhausted. In this case, we reserve the right to act on the problem using our own judgment or based on the previous agreement.

2.3.5. Problems with server configuration or data storage server are outside our capabilities of support. We may notify, advise but have the right to refuse to support these issues. You should contact the hosting provider or server to resolve these issues actively.

2.3.6. Support does not include customizing the Service to meet the data migration of third-party modules or E-commerce platforms that have been modified data structures compared to the original version. These customized requests belong to our lateral services. It requires a different agreement and extra cost.

2.3.7. After submitting a support request, you must accept to provide the necessary credentials (admin account, FTP/SSH, …) when requested by the technical support staff. We reserve the right to refuse support in case you cannot provide the essential information.

2.3.8. As we receive your supporting request, to ensure safety, you must temporarily halt all migration procedures and stop creating new migrations on the same store until the request is resolved; unless the case is approved and agreed by technical staff. Next-Cart is not responsible for problems occurring during the support process in connection with your breach of this provision.

2.3.9. Technical requests that require additional investigations from our technical engineers will be provided with investigation results within 2 days.

2.3.10. If you want to upgrade your target shopping cart to a new version, free support is available to upgrade your purchased product to meet the upgraded version of your Target Store.

2.3.11. All support services in our “Support Terms” section are available for free within 12 months from the date you purchase the product. After 12 months, we will not be responsible for supporting the product and you need to purchase a new product for support.

2.4. Migration Terms

2.4.1. For Cart-to-Cart migration: The domain of the Source Store will be registered flat to the license of the bought product for the first time the migration tool is used. After that, you are not allowed to change this information. One license allows you to migrate from one registered Source Store to any Target Store, corresponding to the Source Cart and Target Cart of your migration tool. In any case you have moved the major domain from the Source Store to the Target Store but wishing to migrate the updates from the Source Store, our technicians will support the task and change the license to the domain of the Target Store.

2.4.2. For File-to-Cart migration and API-to-Cart migration: The domain of the Target Store will be registered flat to the license of the bought product for the first time the migration tool is used. After that, you are not allowed to change this information. One license allows you to migrate from one specified source data format to one registered Target Store.

2.4.3. The license of the migration tool will expire after 12 months from the date of purchase. During the license period, you are entitled to perform Migration, Re-Migration and Recent Data Migration at any time, based on the Entity Limit of your migration tool, without any additional charges.

2.4.4. Next-Cart does not guarantee precise migration regarding the custom data/fields and information processed by third-party modules/contributions. By default, Next-Cart supports standard shopping cart database schemas. We charge some extra to include custom data/fields in the migration process. You may send us a request via ticket submission or live chat.

2.4.5. We recommend turning on maintenance mode on your Target Store before migration in the situation where you transfer data to a live store. This prevents possible loss during the process. In maintenance mode your customers will see a temporary page with information about service works. You can find the information on how to turn on maintenance mode in the documentation for your shopping cart.

2.4.6. Support Service includes necessary actions on your Source Store and Target Store: uploading additional files via FTP/SSH, migration wizard configuration, migration results validation, performing demo migration. Customization possibilities are limited by the specificities of the Source Cart and Target Cart, and do not include modifications of third-party extensions, migration of non-standard entities like testimonials, website content, etc.

2.4.7. You can only perform a maximum of one migration at a time on the same Target Store to avoid duplication of data.

2.4.8. During the migration process, we recommend not to change the name, permission or delete the Kitconnect package from your websites or make changes concerning the types of entities being migrated on your Target Store to avoid causing data errors.

2.4.9. When the migration process completes and meets your requirements, to ensure the safety of your websites, you should (highly recommended) delete the Kitconnect package on your websites and notify us so that we can temporarily lock the migration tool. During the lock, we reserve the right to move the migration tool to another system without your permission. The updated information will automatically be added to your account. You can request us to reopen the migration tool at any time.

2.5. Payment and Refund Terms

2.5.1. All the prices for the Service are provided in US currency (USD).

2.5.2. Next- Cart shopping cart migration service is a one-time payment for an unlimited number of migrations.

2.5.3. The Service is billed in advance and is non-refundable.

2.5.4. Next-Cart provides a full 100% refund if there are any major technical issues with migrated data within 30 days date from your purchase. This has been verified and confirmed by Next-Cart engineers and can’t be resolved within 72 hours since the first customer report except for the cases that are related to shopping cart limitations or cases that Next-Cart Team cannot affect. After the refund is made Next-Cart stops taking any actions regarding refunded migration.

2.5.5. After the migration process has considerably completed, we can only return a partial amount of up to 50% since computing resources were already consumed.

2.5.6. Next-Cart does not refund for any violation of the terms in this Terms of Service and the additional services performed by our technical engineers of which include: Migration Customization Service VIP Support Service


If you have any question concerning our Terms of Service, please contact us.

Last updated: April 30, 2024