Migration Customization Service

This is an essential service to most customers. Your Source Cart has got many configurations; its database structure has been changed quite a lot compared the standard database structure; you want to move data from/to third-party modules…or you want to customize as your requirements. Contact us by submitting a ticket or sending a message in the Live Chat to get consultation and offer for this Migration Customization Service before buying it.

How it works

  • 1. Submit your requirements

    Send us your customization requirements in detail. You should submit a Ticket or send them to contact@next-cart.com.

  • 2. Design migration tool / Check custom tasks

    Our technician customizes migration tool / Check your eCommerce website following your requirements.

  • 3. Perform full migration / Carry out custom tasks

    Our technician performs the full custom migration / Customize your eCommerce website and fix bugs.

  • 4. Finish!

    We check to make sure your eCommerce store works properly according to your requirements before hand it over to you.

    • $

Why migrate with Next-Cart

Next-Cart is capable of conducting all kind of services offered by other shopping cart migration providers and beyond. It is our devotion, safety, flexibility, and reasonable pricing that are what you can find in us. If you need more information, contact our 24/7 support team to get help (we work on holiday too). It is our pleasure to serve you.

24/7 Devoted support
Data Privacy: GDPR
Unlimited number of migrations
100% uptime of stores
Customization Types
  • Update specific data outside the scope of migration service from Source Cart to Target Cart (eCommerce stores).
  • Update the data that has been migrated by other migration service providers.
  • Migrate data from third-party extensions to Target Cart.
  • Customize the migration as your requirements.
  • ***Migrate your website from the current hosting to another.
  • Resolve conflicts between data migrated and third-party extensions in Target Cart.
  • Customize the extensions/modules/plugins in your eCommerce store as your needs.
  • Make changes in your eCommerce store according to your requirements.
  • Handling errors/bugs that occur in your eCommerce store.
  • Install Target Cart on a specific server.
  • Install necessary extensions on your eCommerce store.
  • Handling errors/bugs that occur in your eCommerce store.
Additional Options
Price agreement with our developers
Other essential requirements

Before buying this service, you sould consult our technicians. They will check all your requirements before giving you the cost.



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