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How to start working with Next-Cart service?

Next-Cart is a shopping cart migration service (SaaS) allows you to transfer products, customers, orders and other corresponding data from one eCommerce platform to another. The migration process is taken care by our experts from A to Z. Also we provides a lot of free additional options for e-merchants with different needs.

You need a registered account to start working with Next-Cart migration tool & service. The whole procedure can be taken in 3 simple steps.


You can choose 1 of 2 methods below to migrate your store easily with the help of the migration tool and our technicians.

A. Automated Migration
  1. Buy the migration tool regarding to your desired source cart and target cart with all necessary options.
  2. Access your auto-generated migration tool at Account Dashboard > Migrations. Then follow this Migration Guide to perform the migration by yourself.

If you encounter any problems during the auto-migration process, please Submit a Ticket with all necessary information. Our technicians will check and solve the problems asap.

B. VIP Support Service (optional)

Highly recommended if you are busy or want an experienced technician to perform the migration for you.

  1. Buy the migration tool regarding to your desired source cart and target cart with VIP Support Service options.
  2. When you’re done with paying, Submit a Ticket with the following information:
    Admin URLs + Admin accounts of the source store and target store
    FTP/SSH/cPanel (only for open-source cart installed on your private server)
    The answer for this question: “Are we permitted to delete data in your target store during the migration process?”.
    Request a test migration (optional)
  3. Our experts perform the full migration: they will customize the migration tool based on the condition of your websites, resolve all possible issues before/during/after the migration process.
  4. When your Target Store is ready to go live, our experts will help you change its URL to the main domain name.
  5. Our experts give you advice on how to set up a successful store, how to improve SEO ranking.

Other benefits: install Target Store on your web server, point your domain name to the Target Store, install necessary extensions on the Target Store, etc. Click here to see all benefits of VIP Support Service.


  • Unlimited re-migrations. You can perform the full migration as many as you want. The issues detected in each migration process will be solved by our technicians.
  • Unlimited recent data migrations. You can perform the recent data migration to get your Target store updated with the new data whenever you want.
  • Your current shopping cart doesn’t need to be in the supported carts because we are also likely to support other platforms upon request. If your current shopping cart isn’t listed in the supported carts, you just need to choose “Any cart” instead of your cart’s brand.
  • Our team members will be there to support you 24/7 during the migration and fix all possible errors until you are pleased with the final result.

*Note: Don’t forget to Submit a Ticket or Live Chat with us if you’re facing any issues while taking the steps above.

Updated on April 30, 2020

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