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How to calculate the Entity Limit of my store?

Entity Limit is calculated based on which is the highest entity number. E.g. your Store has a count of 1000 products, 980 customers and 990 orders, your Entity Limit would be 1000, giving you an option of 1000 entities to select from.

You could find the information about the counts of the entities in your Source store’s admin panel (backend), at their listing pages.


  • Some eCommerce platforms do not present this information in the backend such as Shopify, in that case, you should chat with our consultants, they will help you to determine the information.
  • If you’re going to migrate Magento to a different eCommerce platform (not Magento), product count will be calculated based on total of the main products. The main products are products that are not children of any other products.
    Example: you have a count of 2000 products in Magento backend, including 500 configurable products and 1500 child products -> your product count will be 500.


Updated on June 18, 2019

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