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What is Kitconnect package and how to use it?

Kitconnect package is a kitconnect_xxx folder with a kitconnect.php file inside, it is used to establish connections between our migration tool and your open-source shopping carts. In some cases, your kitconnect folder doesn’t have the suffix “_xxx”.


  1. Download the Kitconnect package from your migration tool.
  2. Unzip the package and upload the entire Kitconnect folder into your store’s root folder using FileZilla Client or cPanel. The store’s root folder is the folder that contains index.php file.


  3. Access your_store_url/kitconnect_xxx/kitconnect.php, you will get Hi! I am Kitconnect message if it was uploaded successfully.


How to upload KitConnect to your store

If the Kitconnect does not work after it has been uploaded, you can try solving it following this tutorial, or contact us for the fastest support.

*Note: Uploading the kitconnect into your web server means that you allow our migration tool to access and read data from your store.

Updated on September 5, 2021

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