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What is Kitconnect package and how to upload it to your website?

Kitconnect is a package that allows our migration tool to connect to your self-hosted website (open-source shopping carts). However, not all websites use the Kitconnect package for connection; it is only used for self-hosted websites running on open-source platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop or OpenCart, etc.

How to upload it to your website

First, you need to download the Kitconnect package from your current migration tool. In the setup form, click on the red download icon and a kitconnect.zip file will be saved to your computer.

Unzip the file, you will get a “kitconnect_xxx” folder with 2 files “kitconnect.php” and “.htaccess” inside. The suffix “_xxx” is a 8-character string and it’s different for each user. If you are using Mac and only see the “kitconnect.php” file, switch the folder view to Columns and the “kitconnect_xxx” folder will be displayed.

Now, you need to upload the entire kitconnect folder (including the parent folder and the files inside it) into your website root folder. You can upload it via FTP/SFTP or cPanel (Web Host Manager).

Upload via FTP

To connect to your website via FTP, you can use a FTP Client software such as FileZilla, WinSCP or Cyberduck. After the FTP Client software is installed, please open it, then enter your FTP credentials to access the root folder of your website. Now, you can drag and drop the kitconnect folder into the website root folder.

FTP FileZilla

FTP FileZilla

Upload via cPanel

In addition to FTP, you can use cPanel or any Web Host Manager to upload the Kitconnect package. After logging in to your cPanel, please go to File Manager and navigate to the root folder of your website.

  • If the File Manager has an option for folder upload, click it, then select the kitconnect folder and click Upload.
  • If the File Manager only allows you to upload file, you can upload the kitconnect.zip file that was downloaded from the migration tool into your website root folder, then extract or unzip it.
cPanel File Manager - Unzip

cPanel File Manager – Unzip

Video Tutorial

In this video, we will show you the specific steps to upload the Kitconnect package to your website via FTP and cPanel.

How to upload Kitconnect package to your website


After the kitconnect package is uploaded, you can copy your website URL into the migration tool and click on the Kitconnect URL to test the connection. In some cases, the Kitconnect URL doesn’t work but the migration tool can still connect to your website.

If the migration tool can’t connect to your website and you can’t go to the next step, please submit a Helpdesk ticket. Our technicians will help you upload the Kitconnect package and support you throughout the migration process until everything is complete. You can also try solving the connection issue by following this instruction: Common errors with Kitconnect.

*Note: Uploading the Kitconnect into your web server means that you allow our migration tool to access and read data from your online store.

Updated on October 19, 2023

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