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Common errors with Kitconnect

If you use our migration tool and get an error message related to Kitconnect, you may experience one of the errors below.


  1. You may have entered the wrong URL of your online store.
  2. You forgot to upload the Kitconnect package to your website.
  3. You uploaded the file kitconnect.php but did not upload its parent folder kitconnect.
  4. You uploaded the Kitconnect package into a wrong folder. The store’s root folder is the folder that contains index.php file.
  5. The kitconnect package has wrong permissions. Please correct the permissions of the kitconnect file and folder according to this instruction: Kitconnect does not work after it has been uploaded.


  1. You are using the paid migration tool but the Kitconnect is from the demo migration tool -> Invalid secret token.
  2. (Technical Issue) Your SSL/TLS certificate has expired.
  3. (Technical Issue) You are enabling Password Authentication on the homepage.
  4. (Technical Issue) Your web server is blocking POST requests from remote servers.

*** Note: If you are not techie or cannot resolve the issue yourself, please contact us via Live Chat to get help.

Updated on August 9, 2020

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