How to use Shift4Shop 3dcart REST API

How to get 3dcart API
3dcart API

The REST API is commonly used by third-party applications to connect to your store and offer functionality with their product or service. Here is step-by-step guide to set up REST API in your Shift4Shop 3dcart store:

REST API Setup for Shift4Shop/3dcart

Shift4Shop Rest API

Shift4Shop Rest API

  1. Login into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager.
  2. Go to Modules.
  3. In the search box, type “api”  to search for REST API module.
  4. Once the REST API module appear, click Settings button, you will be redirected to REST API Apps page.
  5. Click Add button at top right corner. Paste the following key 4f775f377cecc8dafcd7473ae30ad9a3 into Public Key field then click Save.
  6. When Next-Cart Migration App is found, the pop-up shown below will be displayed.
  7. Check the Warning message then click Authorize. If you are using monitor with lower fullHD screen resolution, you may need to zoom out your Browser to see Authorize button.
  8. The Next-Cart Migration application will be listed in REST API Apps page if it’s authorized successfully. Now the application are allowed to interact with your Shift4Shop store.

*Note: For using the migration program, you will need to use your Shift4Shop Store URL. You can get it by going to Settings > Store Settings. Then click on the Manage Domain & Store Url button. Here you can get your Store URL inside the SSL Certificates section.

***Important: If you are going to migrate orders to 3dcart, it’s highly recommended to turn off all email notifications in Settings > Store Settings > Checkout > Order Notification.

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