How to get ShopBase API Credentials

How to get ShopBase API
How to get ShopBase API

ShopBase API allows us to connect to your ShopBase store and access particular data. To get the REST API credentials, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your ShopBase admin.
  2. On the left menu, select Apps, then click on Manage private apps at the bottom of the page.
    ShopBase - Manage private apps

    ShopBase – Manage private apps

  3. Click on the button Create a new private app at the top right.
  4. At App details section, enter Private app name and use our support email for Emergency developer email: [email protected] You can fill in any name you want.
  5. At Admin API section, click on Review disabled Admin API permissions to expand full list of permissions, then specify the API resources and permissions to which your app/migration tool requires access to. If you want to use this Private app for Next-Cart migration program, set all access levels of the following permissions to Read access (if ShopBase is your Source store) or Read and write (if ShopBase is your Target store):
    • Store content like pages and redirects
    • Customer details and customer groups
    • Orders, transactions and fulfillments
    • Products, variants and collections
    • Theme templates and theme assets
    • Discounts
    • Inventory

    ShopBase API permissions

    ShopBase API permissions

  6. Click on Save button then confirm.
  7. Now you can get API Key and Password in the Admin API section.

*Note: for using the migration program, you will need to enter these API credentials: Store URL, API Key and API Password. Store URL is the domain of the admin URL of your ShopBase store, it has the following format:

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