Data Migration Assistant

Bought our Migration Product but you don’t get enough time to operate and check on the migration process? Or you may want an experienced technician to do the work for you? No problem! With the Data Migration Assistant Service, just relax and let our technician take care of the migration and necessary configuration to give you the most efficient result.

*Note: The cost for this service would be cheaper if you buy it as an option of migration products. It charges full price if you purchase here. And it comes free with Files Migration Service.

How it works

  • 1. Submit your stores credentials

    Provide us your shopping carts credentials. You should submit a Ticket or send them to

  • 2. Prepare for the migration

    Our technicians verifies your credentials. You will be notified of the migrations before we start them.

  • 3. Perform the migration

    Our technicians will run a demo migration first (optional). Fix all issues that occur during and after the migration. Then they will perform the real full migration.

  • 4. Enjoy the new store!

    We check to make sure the data was migrated successfully and the Target Store works properly before hand it over to you.

Why migrate with Next-Cart

Next-Cart is capable of conducting all kind of services offered by other shopping cart migration providers and beyond. It is our devotion, safety, flexibility, and reasonable pricing that are what you can find in us. If you need more information, contact our 24/7 support team to get help (we work on holiday too). It is our pleasure to serve you.

24/7 Devoted support
Data Privacy: GDPR
Unlimited number of migrations
100% uptime of stores
Migration Assistant
Store Installation
  • Install Target Store on your web server.
  • Install necessary extensions for the migration on the new store.
  • Deploy web hosting and point the domain name.
Technical Consultant
  • Technicians are always ready 24/7 to answer all your questions about the migration.
  • Give you advice on how to set up a successful store, how to improve SEO ranking.
  • Help you find desirable theme/extensions for your store.
Migration Configuration
  • Make all the necessary settings to prepare for the migration process such as uploading Kitconnect, generating store's API, exporting CSV.
  • If your Source Store is not online, the technician will customize the migration tool to migrate from its database to the Target Store.
  • Check all necessary configuration to make sure the migration process will run smoothly.
Demo Migration Assistant
  • Migrate up to 100 products, 100 customers, 100 orders, etc from your Source Store to your Target Store or our Demo Store.
  • Fix all possible issues until you satisfy with the Demo Migration result.
Full Migration Assistant
  • Our technicians perform the full migration and take care of it 24/7. After the migration is complete, we will check your Target Store carefully before handing it over to you.
  • If any problem is found, we will resolve it and perform the full migration again.
Recent Migration Assistant
  • After the full migration, you get new orders, customer accounts and other new data on your Source Store. Our technicians will perform the Recent Migration to get your Target store updated with the new data.
Re-Migration Assistant
  • Our technicians are always ready 24/7 to make other full migrations whenever you want.
Additional Options
No additional option

Yes. By default, all these features are attached to the migration tool. But with DMA service, you don't need to do these things yourself, our technicians will take care of everything. That's the difference.



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Want an expert to perform the migration for you?

No more worries about the hassle of the migration process or your time bank. With the Data Migration Assistant service, sit back and let our experts execute the migration, review the data, and give you the most efficient results.