3dcart Migration

3dcart is a hosted shopping cart software, which provides eCommerce retailers with the basic tools they need to build a visually attractive store and shopping cart.

With Next-Cart migration tool and services, you will be able to migrate categories, products, customers, orders and other entities that are supported by 3dcart REST API.

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What data Next-Cart Migration Tool can migrate to 3dcart?

Supported Entities
  • Product Informations, e.g. Name, SKU, Description, Price, Cost, Retail Price, Tier Prices and Sale Price, Images, Meta, SEO, etc.
  • Product Options. Variants Product will become Custom Options Product in 3dcart.
  • Product Links, e.g. Categories, Manufacturer.
  • Product Attributes.
Product Categories
  • Category Informations, e.g. Name, Description, Image, Meta, SEO, etc.
  • Category Parents
  • Manufacturer Name, URL, Meta Title.
  • Customer Informations, e.g. First Name, Last Name, Email, etc.
  • Customer Addresses. All addresses with full informations.
  • Customer Groups.
  • Order General Informations, e.g. Status, Currency, Total, Comments, Date, etc.
  • Product Details, e.g. Name, Model/SKU, Quantity, Price, etc.
  • Customer Details, e.g. First Name, Last Name, Email, Billing and Shipping Addresses.
Additional Options
Migrate recent entities on Source Store (Free)
Clear current data on Target Store (Free)
Migrate SEO URLs (Free)
Preserve Orders IDs on Target Store (Free)
Migrate Custom Fields (Free)

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