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Can I migrate product options and attributes to Shopify?

By default, Shopify does not allow to create product options and attributes at admin panel. Therefore, Shopify API does not support creating this kind of data.

If your source shopping cart has products with custom options, they will be converted into product with variants in your Shopify store.

And due to Shopify variant and option limits, this generation will be ignored if the number of the variants is greater than 100, in this case you should contact us to customize this variants generation following to your requirements.

UPDATE (for Shopify 2.0):

Since Shopify has released a new version 2.0, there will be some changes in the migration to Shopify:

  • Attributes will be migrated to product metafields.
  • Product with custom options will still be converted to product with variants. One product can have up to 100 variants and 3 options.
Updated on October 6, 2021

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