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The meaning of Shopify order statuses

Shopify has 2 types of order status: Payment status and Fulfillment status.


The status of payments associated with the order. Can only be set when the order is created. Valid values:

  • pending: The payments are pending. Payment might fail in this state. Check again to confirm whether the payments have been paid successfully.
  • authorized: The payments have been authorized.
  • partially_paid: The order have been partially paid.
  • paid: The payments have been paid.
  • partially_refunded: The payments have been partially refunded.
  • refunded: The payments have been refunded.
  • voided: The payments have been voided.


The order’s status in terms of fulfilled line items. Valid values:

  • fulfilled: Every line item in the order has been fulfilled.
  • null/unfulfilled: None of the line items in the order have been fulfilled.


Updated on January 7, 2020

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