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Looking for a solution to upgrade Magento 1 to Magento 2

Next-Cart is here to help you to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 or Magento 2 to Magento 2 without effort! Data migration procedure consist of 3 steps only and requires no technical expertise or software installation. With the support of our Magento experts, all your eCommerce data like products, customers, orders, categories, reviews and other related entities will be transferred from your current Magento store to the latest version of Magento perfectly.

Support all versions of Magento CE and Magento EE. You can migrate from Magento 1.x to Magento 1.x, Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x, Magento 2.x to Magento 2.x.

How it works

1. Set up Source Cart

Paste your Magento store URL into the appropriate field. Download the Kitconnect Package for Magento then unzip and upload the entire Kitconnect folder into your Magento root folder.

2. Set up Target Cart

Paste your Magento store URL into the appropriate field. Download the Kitconnect Package for Magento then unzip and upload the entire Kitconnect folder into your Magento store's root folder.

3. Select data you want to migrate

Select the entities you want to migrate from Magento to Magento. You can customize the migration with the Additional Options and Advance Attributes Mapping.

4. Perform full migration

After finishing valid configurations at the third step, you will confirm to start migrating from Magento to Magento. When you receive the CONGRATS message, that means your shopping cart is successfully migrated.

Why migrate with Next-Cart

Next-Cart is capable of conducting all kind of services offered by other shopping cart migration providers and beyond. It is our devotion, safety, flexibility, and reasonable pricing that are what you can find in us. If you need more information, contact our 24/7 support team to get help (we work on holiday too). It is our pleasure to serve you.

24/7 Devoted support
Data Privacy: GDPR
Unlimited number of migrations
100% uptime of stores
Supported Entities
  • Product Informations, e.g. Name, Description, Prices, Images, Meta, SEO (301 Redirects or Rewrite), etc.
  • Product Options and Product Variants.
  • Product Links, e.g. Manufacturer, Categories, Downloads, Related Products, Upsells and Cross-sells Products, Grouped Products.
  • Product Attributes.
Product Categories
  • Category Informations, e.g. Name, Description, Image, Meta, SEO (301 Redirects or Rewrite), etc.
  • Category Parents
  • Tax Rules, Tax Classes, Tax Zones and Rates.
  • Manufacturer Name.
  • Customer Informations, e.g. First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Email, etc.
  • Customer Addresses. All addresses with full informations.
  • Customer Groups.
  • Order General Informations, e.g. Status, Currency, Total, History, Comment, Date, etc.
  • Product Details, e.g. Name, SKU, Quantity, Price, Tax, Option Details, etc.
  • Customer Details, e.g. First Name, Last Name, Email, Billing and Shipping Addresses.
  • Order Invoices, Order Shipment, Credit Memo.
  • Reviews of migrated Products. Review Details, e.g. Customer, Comment, Rating, Status, Date.
Additional Options
Migrate recent entities on Source Store (Free)
Clear current data on Target Store (Free)
Migrate images from products descriptions and categories descriptions (Free)
Migrate products and categories SEO URLs (301 Redirects or Rewrite) (Free)
Preserve Orders IDs and Customer IDs on Target Store (Free)
Migrate Customers Passwords (Free)
Migrate Custom Fields and Custom Extensions Data (Free)

Next-Cart is a shopping cart migration service allows you to transfer products, customers, orders and other corresponding data from one eCommerce platform to another. It is a SaaS so no software installation is required. Also we provides a lot of free additional options for e-merchants with different needs.

For more detail, please read this instruction:

Entity Limit is calculated based on which is the highest entity number. E.g. your Store has a count of 1000 products, 980 customers and 990 orders, your Entity Limit would be 1000, giving you an option of 1000 entities to select from.

You could find the information about the counts of the entities in your Source store’s admin panel (backend), at their listing pages.

There are a few points to keep in mind:

Kitconnect package is a PHP script used to establish connections between our migration tool and your open-source shopping carts. Following this instruction to upload it into your store:

  1. Download the latest version of Kitconnect package at:
  2. Unzip the package and copy the entire Kitconnect folder into your store’s root folder.
  3. Access your_store_url/kitconnect/kitconnect.php, you will get Hi! I am Kitconnect message if it was uploaded successfully.

Most people get this error because of files and folders permissions. This problem can be solved easily by doing the following steps:

  • Set the permission of kitconnect folder to 755
  • Set the permission of kitconnect.php file to 644

If the issue is still not resolved, please contact us via Live Chat for the fastest support.

If you get any errors during the migration, please following the instruction below to get your issue solved:

  1. Pause/stop the migration
  2. Log in and submit a ticket with a detailed description of your issue from your Account Dashboard
  3. Our technicians will receive tickets and respond as soon as possible

With our experienced technicians, your issues will be solved easily and quickly.

Don't worry if the images are missing after the migration. This issue can be fixed easily by enabling allow_url_fopen in your PHP configuration following these steps:

  1. Create/Open php.ini file under the public folder of your domain.
  2. Add the following lines to enable above php functions.
    allow_url_fopen = On

If you don't know how to do the steps above or the issue still exists, please submit a ticket or use Live Chat to get help.

2 reviews for Magento to Magento

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    John and Anna M (verified owner)

    Thank you Harry! And enthusiastic service

    So I had tried some shopping cart migration providers but it seems that they can’t handle Magento 2.
    I thought I was to exhausted with such kind of service. But then I found Next Cart. You guys are really Magento experts, hope your service will grow more.
    My Magento 2 store is online now. Thanks to Harry from Next Cart, you’ve been in great help!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    iliasganis (verified owner)

    Good and fast work

    I am very happy that I assigned the tasks to Next-Cart as they were very fast in fixing all the issues I asked them to with no problem. When a point was mentioned it was dealt with almost immediately and every time I was informed that they were done, they were actually done! Everything was working as it should without further emails and bug fixes. Very good development and support.

    • Martin Nguyen

      Thank you! I’m always ready to support you solve problems on Magento projects in future.

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