WooCommerce to PrestaShop

Support migrating from WooCommerce 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x (the latest version 5.8) to PrestaShop 1.6 and PrestaShop 1.7

3-step to migrate from WooCommerce to PrestaShop

  • 1.1. Set up Source Cart

    Paste your WooCommerce store URL into the appropriate field. Download the Kitconnect Package for WooCommerce then unzip and upload the entire Kitconnect folder into your WooCommerce store's root folder.

  • 1.2. Set up Target Cart

    Paste your PrestaShop store URL into the appropriate field. Download the Kitconnect Package for PrestaShop then unzip and upload the entire Kitconnect folder into your PrestaShop store's root folder.

  • 2. Configure the migration

    Select the entities you want to migrate from the WooCommerce store to the PrestaShop store. You can customize the migration with the Additional Options and Advance Attributes Mapping.

  • 3. Perform the migration

    After finishing valid configurations at the third step, you will confirm to start the migration process. When you receive the CONGRATULATIONS message, that means your shopping cart is successfully migrated.

What You Get

Superior Benefits

  • Free Additional Options
  • Unlimited Re-Migration
  • Unlimited Recent Data Migration
  • 1-Year of Support & Updates
Migrate your online store to PrestaShop in 3 simple steps - PrestaShop Migration Tool

What Next-Cart Migration Tool supports

Supported Versions
WooCommerce (source)

WooCommerce almost does not change their data structure so we support all WooCommerce versions from 2.x to the latest version 5.x

Support WooCommerce + WPML and WooCommerce + Polylang

PrestaShop (target)

PrestaShop 1.7 versions:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and newer versions

PrestaShop 1.6 versions:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and other sub-versions

*Support multi-store website

Supported Entities Besides the listed items, we also support all kinds of data available on PrestaShop
  • Product Informations, e.g. Name, SKU/Reference Code, ISBN, UPC, EAN-13, JAN, Weight, Width, Height, Length/Depth, Description, Short Description, Price, Special Price, Customer Group Price, Cost, Images, Image Alt Text, Image Title, Meta Title, Meta Description, SEO URLs (301 Redirects or Rewrite), etc.
  • Product Options and Product Variants/Variations. Custom Options will be converted to Product Combinations with complete information in PrestaShop. Variants' Image, Price, Cost, SKU/Reference Code, Weight, etc.
  • Product Inventory: Available Stock Quantity of Products and Combinations.
  • Product Links, e.g. Manufacturer/Brand, Categories, Downloads/Files, Related Products, Grouped Products.
  • Product Attributes/Features.
  • Product Custom Information: Product Files, Custom Fields.
  • *Multi-language Product Information: Title, Description, Meta Title, Meta Description, Attributes, etc.
Product Categories
  • Category Informations, e.g. Name, Image, Description, Meta Title, Meta Description, SEO URLs (301 Redirects or Rewrite), etc.
  • Parent categories, Sub categories.
  • *Multi-language Category Information: Title, Description, Meta Title, Meta Description, Attributes, etc.
  • Taxes, Tax Rules (Tax Zones and Rates).
  • Manufacturer Informations, e.g. Name, Description, Meta, Logo.
  • Manufacturer Addresses. All addresses with full informations.
  • Customer Informations, e.g. First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, etc.
  • Customer Addresses. All addresses with full informations.
  • Customer Order History.
  • Customer Groups Link (Optional).
  • Order General Informations, e.g. Status, Currency, Total, History, Messages, Date, etc.
  • Product Details, e.g. Name, Model, Quantity, Price, Combination, etc.
  • Customer Details, e.g. Name, Email, Billing and Shipping Addresses.
  • External Links: Products, Customer.
  • Discount General Informations, e.g. Discount Code, Discount Name, Description, Discount Type, Discount Value, Expiry Date.
  • Usage Restriction, e.g. Minimum Spend, Minimum Quantity, Allowed Products, Allowed Categories, Allowed Customers.
  • Usage Limits, e.g. Usage Limit per Coupon, Usage Limit per User.
  • Reviews/Product Comments of migrated Products. Review Details, e.g. Title, Customer, Comment, Rating, Status, Date.
Additional Options
Migrate recent entities on Source Store (Free)
Clear current data on Target Store (Free)
Strip HTML tags from category and product names (Free)
Transfer images from description of products, categories, posts and pages to Target Store (Free)
Migrate SEO URLs (301 Redirects or Rewrite) (Free)
Preserve Orders IDs and Customer IDs on Target Store (Free)
Migrate Customers Passwords (Free)
Migrate Custom Fields (Free)
Migrate data from extensions/modules/plugins
Free Extra Features
Flexible Data Update - Unlimited This feature allows you to update data in your Target Store which has been changed after the migration in your Source Store. It supports all data types: Product (Name, SKU/MPN/UPC, Quantity/Inventory, Status, URL, Regular Price, Sale Price, Tier Price, MSRP, Product-Category relationship, etc), Customer (First Name, Last Name, Email, Addresses, Phone, Reward Points, Gift Cards, etc), Order (Status, Fulfillment Status, Item Price, Total, Shipping, Refund, etc), and other data types upon your requests.
Unlimited Re-Migration You can perform the migration as many times as you want within 1 year from the date of purchase. During each migration process, if any errors or problems are found, our technicians will help you resolve them all before you do another migration.
Unlimited Recent Data Migration After finishing a migration, your Source Store works as normal with new data added such as products, customers, orders. This feature allows you to migrate these new data to the Target Store while saving the connection between them and the migrated data.
You can continue migrating new data multiple times after you finish a migration.
Configurable Migration This feature lets you choose the particular type of data you want to migrate. For example, if you want to move all the supported data, choose "Select All"; if you only need the Products to be moved, select "Products". Besides, you can map languages, customer groups, orders statuses, etc from the Source Store to according languages, customer groups, order statuses in the Target Store.
  • Free Additional Options
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • 12-month of Technical Support and Updates
  • 12-month of Re-migration and Recent Data Migration

Next-Cart is not only an automated migration tool but also a service that allows you to transfer products, customers, orders, blog posts and other corresponding data from your current store to another eCommerce platform without effort. Our team members will be there to support you 24/7 during the migration and fix any possible errors until you are pleased with the final result. Also we provides a lot of free additional options for e-merchants with different needs.

For more detail, please read this instruction: https://next-cart.com/faq/how-to-start-working-with-next-cart-service/

Firstly, you need to identify the amount of data for the migration. Particularly, you should be aware of what kind of data you want to migrate and how many of them. Therefore, we coined the term "Entity Limit" calculated based on the highest entity number among the count of products, orders, customers and blog posts.

All migration tools share the same price regarding the Entity Limit option. E.g. you want to migrate 900 products, 900 customers, 1000 orders and other related data, your highest entity number would be 1000, giving you an option of 1000 Entity Limit to select from and the price would be 69 USD.

For more detail, please read this instruction: https://next-cart.com/faq/how-to-calculate-the-entity-limit-of-my-store/

At Next-Cart, we only coin the number of products, customers, orders and posts you want to migrate. For example, if you just migrate active products and orders since 2017, you count the Entity Limit based on the number of those products and orders. We will customize the migration tool to move those items at no extra cost.

You have purchased the migration tool, but you want to migrate more data. You can upgrade the migration tool's Entity Limit to a higher plan.

In order to do that, you just need to pay an amount equal to the price difference between your current plan and the next plan. For example: your current Entity Limit is 500 at $49, you are going to upgrade to 1,000 Entity Limit at $69. So the amount you need to pay is: 69 – 49 = 20 USD.

Then, please purchase this Migration Customization Service with Deal Price as the price difference and New Entity Limit as the next plan. Your migration tool's Entity Limit will be upgraded automatically.

Within one year from the purchase, you can perform the migration as many times as you want. More than that, our technical team will support if any problems occur during the process.

During each migration process, if any problems are found, our technician will help you solve them all before performing another migration.

VIP Support Service is a service that our experts will take care of the entire migration and necessary configuration to give you the most efficient result. It's very useful if you are not tech-savvy or you don't get enough time to operate and check on the migration process.

Here are some outstanding features of the VIP Support Service:

  • Experts take care of the whole migration process
  • Migration Customization
  • Target Store Installation
  • Change URL of Target Store
  • Technical Consultant

Kitconnect package is a PHP script used to establish connections between our migration tool and your open-source shopping carts. Following this instruction to upload it into your store:

  1. Download the Kitconnect package from the migration tool.
  2. Unzip the package and copy the entire Kitconnect folder into your store’s root folder.
  3. Access your_store_url/kitconnect/kitconnect.php, you will get Hi! I am Kitconnect message if it was uploaded successfully.

For more detail, check out this Video Guide

If you use our migration tool and get an error message related to Kitconnect, you may experience one of the common errors below:

  • You may have entered the wrong URL of your online store.
  • You forgot to upload the Kitconnect package to your website.
  • You uploaded the file kitconnect.php without its parent folder kitconnect.
  • You uploaded the Kitconnect package into a wrong folder. The store’s root folder is the folder that contains index.php file.
  • The kitconnect package has wrong permissions. Please correct the permissions of the kitconnect file and folder according to this instruction: Kitconnect does not work after it has been uploaded.

Other technical issues: Common errors with Kitconnect.

If you cannot fix this problem yourself, please submit a ticket or contact us via Live Chat for the fastest support.

If you get any errors or need any help with the migration, please follow the steps below to get your problems solved:

  1. Pause/stop the migration
  2. Log in and submit a ticket from your Account Dashboard
  3. One of our technicians will be assigned to your ticket. He will support you throughout the migration project until you are satisfied with the results.

Don't worry if the images are missing after the migration. This issue can be fixed easily by enabling allow_url_fopen in your PHP configuration following these steps:

  1. Create/Open php.ini file under the public folder of your domain.
  2. Add the following lines to enable above php functions.
    allow_url_fopen = On

If you don't know how to do the steps above or the issue still persists, please submit a ticket or use Live Chat to get help.

What our customers say about us

Next-Cart Shopping Cart Migration
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Swords Knives and Daggers
Swords Knives and Daggers
We used Next-Cart for our migration from Shift4Shop to BigCommerce. Not only did the product do everything I needed the customer service was amazing. They were able to answer every question I had and make customizations to my migration to fit our needs. Five stars to these guys!
Mike Green
Mike Green
Really great product and SUPER helpful customer service!
Joanna Potter
Joanna Potter
Having worked with Next-Cart on a couple of occasions for our online sports apparel store I would highly recommend. They are very knowledgable, great communicators, always undertake the projects in a timely manor and the fees are reasonable. I would not hesitate in recommending Martin and the team and look forward to working with them again in the... future.read more
Grace Carlisle
Grace Carlisle
I just want to thank Jason and the team on a tremendous job migrating between two platforms recently. There were a number of complications however it was a pleasure to work through each one with Jason in a timely and professional manner. Highly recommend their service.
Tamsin Murray
Tamsin Murray
Next-Cart is amazing. I migrated my store within a short period of time. They helped me step by step and the communication was great. Even on Sunday morning they were helping me do the migration. I would really recommend them to anyone looking to migrate their stores. They were friendly, patient, easy to communicate with and replied within minutes... of my questions.read more
Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore
I tried to use MANY migration companies including one that we paid thousands of dollars to for a custom migration. All of these companies were awful to work with. Waste of time and money and none could get it right. When I went to next-cart to test an order migration I ran into an issue and emailed support and they 1. Got back to me within seconds... 2. Spoke English 3. RESOLVED the issue ASAP. This was the first company that understood and solved EVERY issue that we had with the migration from start to finish. Every time I noticed something I wanted to change I sent in a ticket and they changed it immediately. I thought this was going to be a canned solution so I had low expectations and just wanted them to transfer all the data (which no other company had done correctly) but they exceeded my expectations but fine tuning literally everything that I asked for. They basically did a custom transfers for me and it was dirt cheap relative to the thousands I paid pelican commerce which didn't work out. I HIGHLY recommend these folks!! They're the best!!!!!!read more
Hélène Tauson Gaben
Hélène Tauson Gaben
Still hesitating regarding your migration? Don’t! This is the best service ever seen. Complete customized project to your needs and they will never let you down until things work fine. Fastest customer service ever almost 24h a day. Speak to Martin and he’ll guide you ! 6/5 but the scale only proposed 5.
Shaun Callaghan
Shaun Callaghan
An AMAZING product and service! From the first pre sales chat, to the migration and every else in between, I seriously recommend Next Cart.I moved from shopify to wordpress and the migration was seamless, easy and the support was second to none.Thank you Michael and team for an incredible service!
Michael Certoma
Michael Certoma
I was worried about how the data would migrate, but it went so smoothly. Doing this manually would have cost us so much more to do. Great software, great customer support.
Richard Gosler
Richard Gosler
I've used migration services in the past with varying degrees of success so was reluctant to try some one new, but I have to say their service really is second to none. All the data was migrated perfectly and the minor tweaks required for custom data were done without any fuss. Will use them again. Often.
Wynter Gentry Nash
Wynter Gentry Nash
I migrated three stores from Shopify to BigCommerce due to Shopify’s censorship of my legal products. Harry and Martin were both extremely helpful, very friendly and went above and beyond to do my Migrations more than once when things were not perfect. I appreciate them very much and highly recommend Next-Cart as a Migration app, especially if... you need to get rid of Shopify like I did. Thanks Harry and Martin!PS BigCommerce is way better than Shopify! If you want to see my beautiful sites that Next-Cart migrated for me, I linked them below. If you are thinking of using Shopify, PM me and I'll give you all the info about why not to use Shopify.https://usabikerleather.comhttps://leatherlollipop.comhttps://ghostriderleather.comread more
Patrick Bisa
Patrick Bisa
Excellent service and excellent assistance.Recommended for everyone! 🔝
Dan Zerkle
Dan Zerkle
I am very rarely motivated to write a review, but I was for this service. It was just that good.First, this is a service, not an app. That's fine.I used this service. The price was very reasonable. The support was extremely responsive. The work was done immediately. The results were correct. It couldn't be any better.I had an old... highly-customized Ubercart store with roughly 50 products, ten product categories, 40,000 orders and 25,000 customers. I needed to migrate all that to my new BigCommerce store.To do this, I first figured out how many of these data objects I needed and bought a plan accordingly. They charge per object. It was considerably less than competing services.Then, I put a special package of files on the Web server of my old shopping cart site, and established an API key on BigCommerce.From there, I attempted the migration myself using their tool, but it didn't work, because my old site was too customized.Instead, I opened a ticket and specified various field mappings and configurations. E.g. the Ubercart order status of "Completed" mapped to "Shipped" in BigCommerce. Once I entered the information, they assigned an engineer immediately, who got to work on it.After a trial run of a few records, I checked to make sure that everything was correct, and they migrated the whole thing over. That took about half a day. Four weeks later, I had finished setting up everything in BigCommerce, and Next Cart did a "new items" migration to bring over the new orders and customers that arrived in those four weeks.My Ubercart deployment was very non-standard. They updated their migration tools on-the-spot to gather all the information they needed out of my database, all for no extra charge. One custom field we had used a URL, and they even transformed that URL into a format that worked well for BigCommerce.Their online chat support was quick and helpful, with good communication to the engineer. They quickly answered all my questions, even on weekends, and with good English.The one caveat I have is that they are based in Vietnam. I was working nights, and they were online during my work hours. You might have a different experience if you work different hours.read more
Radu Anghel
Radu Anghel
Next-cart is the perfect choice!
Ehtesham Mohammad
Ehtesham Mohammad
Excellent service and great product. I used their Magento to Wordpress migration tool and it is very professionally designed and easy to use. I would recommend Next-Cart anytime to anyone. Reliability is key and they have it!
Heaks SoixanteCinq
Heaks SoixanteCinq
Really effective and brillant support, do not hesitate !!
Nidhi Sachdev
Nidhi Sachdev
Amazing Service - honest and responsive team !
Masha Kazbanova
Masha Kazbanova
Consiglio vivamente "Next-Cart Shopping Cart Migration" . Martin è veramente una legenda (come ho letto in altri commenti :D). Ha risolto qualsiasi problema, anche quelli che non riguardavano il software. Miglior supporto, che ho mai visto prima. Complimenti a Martin e a tutto il team.I highly recommend "Next-Cart Shopping Cart Migration".... Martin is truly a legend (as I read in other comments: D). He solved any problem, even those not related to the software. Best support!!!. Congratulations to Martin and the whole team.read more
Luigi Boggia
Luigi Boggia
Great service, great assistance, Martin is a web legend, there is nothing he cannot solve. I recommend their service to everyone. Greetings from Italy
Manikandan Guru
Manikandan Guru
This is the best shopping cart migration I've ever used. their support is incredible. Even though there was a problem with the theme I used in the WooCommerce they helped me to fix it. If anyone need a shopping cart migration, you can go blindly with Next-Cart. I totally recommend Next-Cart for all kinds of shopping cart migration.
Victor Aspehall
Victor Aspehall
Amazing service with the best support I've ever experienced. Martin and his team keeps delivering whenever it is needed with a great attitude. Would recommend anyone to hire their services. A++++
Grant Ambrose
Grant Ambrose
Amazing software and even better Support. Martin is a legend. Very helpful! I'd highly recommend using this if you're swapping ecom softwares.
Steve West
Steve West
This tool saved me a lot of time importing my products from a Shopify account to my new Woocommerce store (Shameless plug - www.southernaudio.net.au).Martin was extremely helpfull and available at all hours of the day.I did have a few teething problems but they were mainly from my end, not Next-Cart's.I would suggest proceeding with caution... though as the transfer can be quite destructive if not used correctly. BACK UP FIRST!! I learnt the hard way.Thanks again Martin.read more
Daniel Goldman
Daniel Goldman
Awsome service! I highly recommend working with nextcart. They were able to speed up my website within 1 day. Very professional and knowledgable about what they do.
Christoffer Grande
Christoffer Grande
Martin and his team did receive a incredible, large and dumb Excel file from me > and should be imported to our Shopify Platform. With a lot of variatons, collections and products, Martin had a solution after few hours, and I am more than happy! What a enthusiast! Incredible. Thumbs up mate! ** I will be using you guys on all my incoming excel... files!read more
Joyce Hasselbeck Fowler
Joyce Hasselbeck Fowler
Martin and his team at Next-Cart was and continues to be very helpful and patient in answering all my queries and doubts. I was completely assured that this migration will work and it did. Although customization was not part of the contract but Martin helped me to customize pages the way it would look better. Martin continues to support me with... my site and is always encouraging me to make it look good for my customers! Highly recommend this service! 5 stars *****read more
Josh Whitaker
Josh Whitaker
Highly recommend for Shopify to BigCommerce. Easy peasy.
Wonhyoung Hong
Wonhyoung Hong
It was really amazing. The Developers, Customer Service, Speed,,, everything was just perfect. And also price was really acceptable. They got a great knowledge about the system and provide custom service. I want to give 5 Stars and i want to recommend this service to every users who want to move data from Prestashop to Woocommerce.
Célestin Pignotel
Célestin Pignotel
Great service, incredibly kind staff / technical support. Would recommend 100% and come back again !
Don Cez
Don Cez
Great people to deal with. Awsome and helpful along with total excellence. Dealt with Martin. And was the ultimate in handling all questions, concerns and excellent help!
Muhammad Mehdi
Muhammad Mehdi
Very efficient migration cart. Very supportive team and the communication is awesome. Highly recommend. Will use them again. Once again thanks
Paul J White
Paul J White
Good product and fantastic support when my initial migration from Opencart to Woocommerce threw up a few errors. They manually migrated for me at no extra cost. Recommended.
Dean Tan Juan Yuan
Dean Tan Juan Yuan
Migrating from Shopify to Woocommerce was a breeze thanks to Next-cart. Their support has been excellent, the person that supposed me throughout was Harry and Martin. Martin knows a great deal of technical stuff and is a humorous guy, really helpful as well. So glad the migration is finally done. Very professional and helpful .Will highly... recommend anyone to try their service.read more
Davide Posteri
Davide Posteri
Great plugin, has executed the transfer of orders and products without any problem. Thanks to the technical assistance always available.
Tzvi Deutsch
Tzvi Deutsch
We paid for the automated migration service from Zencart to Woocommerce. At first, we were frustrated as the while the products and categories came over, we were left with much manual work. After going back and forth with support, we determined that the reason for our issue was due to the fact that our website is multi-lingual. Support really came... through and customized the migration to support both of our languages.What started out as a frustrating experience turned into a pleasant surprise with the great followup and support. In the future, I think we will opt for the fully managed service to save any headache and just let the Next cart team handle the migration start to finish.read more
Anne Hutchins
Anne Hutchins
I had to migrate an ancient osCommerce database to WooCommerce for a client. I decided to let Next-Cart's Migration Assistant handle the migration (just in case there was a glitch) and the price was quite reasonable (their fee is cheaper than anything you'll find on Fiverr, btw). Harry handled the whole migration quickly and now the new WordPress... site has all of the Users (customers), products, categories, and even the current orders. Thanks, guys!read more
David Allen
David Allen
Our client needed to move from Shopify to WooCommerce. Next-Cart did this with minimal effort, and when we needed custom data, they were able to customize quickly. Super friendly and professional! Thank you!
Fabrizio Spanu
Fabrizio Spanu
Look no Further if you plan to migrate your store from platform A - to Platform B . This is a serious business that must be handled by professional, and in our experience this is the best one you can get with a very honest price and a super LIVE support. No automatic bot reply, but a real developer that will help you complete the task from A to Z.... 5 stars!💪💪💪💥read more
Virgil Calmau
Virgil Calmau
The company cares for a quick response to our needs to migrate to Opencart in Woocommerce. I highly recommend!
Barrie Bramley
Barrie Bramley
A seamless and helpful (at all times) experience. I was a little daunted at having to move from OpenCart to WooCommerce. There are several options out there, and selecting one became quite a task. In the end I settled on Next-Cart because one of the more established players suggested they were new and I should be cautious. It was a sign for me... that Next-Cart was on their radar and becoming a challenge (therefore offering a great service).Service was excellent, and more importantly communication was prompt and there was lots of it. I never had to chase them down.Everything worked as they said it would. I'd definitely use Next-Cart again.read more
Παναγιώτης Νικολοβιένης
Παναγιώτης Νικολοβιένης
With a large database of about 10 thousand products all made without any problems and with immediate information on the progress of the process! continue the good job you do!
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Why migrate with Next-Cart

Next-Cart is capable of conducting all kind of services offered by other shopping cart migration providers and beyond. It is our devotion, safety, flexibility, and reasonable pricing that are what you can find in us. If you need more information, contact our 24/7 support team to get help (we also work on holidays). It is our pleasure to serve you.

No Downtime

The migration does not affect the speed and the performance of your stores. Your customers can keep on activities on the websites as the features work normally during the process.

No Tech Skill Required

Next-Cart is an automated shopping cart migration tool hosted in Cloud Secure Servers that takes just a few clicks to get the migration done. No technical skills needed. No installation required.

Professional Support

Our experts are always ready to support you in all problems, until you are happy with the migration result. We support via Live Chat, Ticket, Email, WhatsApp 24/7/365 including holidays.

SEO Rankings Preservation

The migration tool is designed to keep the old URLs and meta data on the Target Store to ensure your site doesn't drop any SEO ranking.

1-Year Migration Assurance

All of our migration services include 1-year Technical Support and Free Updates. That ensures the migration tool is always compatible with the newest version of your Target Store.

Cheap Pricing

We always try to be the cheapest migration service. If you think our price is not the cheapest, please contact us, we are willing to offer the best price with the matching service.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

To guarantee the quality of the service and the trust from customers, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all migration tools.

Highest Data Security

The migration takes place securely on Cloud Servers located in the US, the UK and Singapore. We do not disclose your credentials nor save your migration data. Any infringement committed will take full responsibility under the law.

Payment Security

All the payment methods will be processed via SSL protocol, using modules powered by Paypal and Skrill. We don't save any payment information of customers.

Want an all-in-one migration service?

No more worries about the hassle of the migration process or your time bank. With the VIP Support Service, sit back and let our experts execute the migration, review the data, install the necessary modules, and give you the most efficient results.